Jacko Series Spearguns - Shipping Included to Mainland Australia

$925.00 AUD

*Only Selling To Australia

Please note shipping is based on delivering to mainland Australia. Offshore islands and territories of Australia may incur additional postage costs, in which case our Customer Service team will contact you.

*Reels sold separately*

Tested by the YBS team over the past 3 years we believe that SIMPLICITY is best. The Jacko Series are for any level of spearfisher/diver, a very simple design mixed with strong and hard wearing components makes a great speargun.

Made from select grade Australian hardwood which in turn makes these spearguns shoot very quietly while holding a huge punch of power with minimum recoil.
Internal ballasts allow these spearguns to have neutral buoyancy while loaded to allow for ease of targeting and shooting. Once fired, the stock will float.

The Jacko Series:
  • Solid Australian hardwood
  • Sealed with a 2 Pac Polyurethane, non yellowing, UV Resistant hard clear coat
  • Radius corners on stock for added strength 
  • Deep open track
  • Safety bar is a stand alone unit which provides a physical barrier/block
  • Neptonics Reef trigger mechanism
  • Neptonics Handle/Handle Base
  • 7.1mm, 60 Rockwell hardened spring steel, Armidillo coated spear, intermediate fin tabs, Youngbloods branded 85mm flopper, Tri cut tip.
  • 2 x 16mm, 3mm inner diameter, black, UV rated rubber bands
  • 180kg, 2mm white Dyneema rigging line.
  • Custom Youngbloods stamped serial plate & YBS Branded into the timber
  • Line guide and anchor are grade 316 stainless steel
    The Jacko Series Specs: 1000 Series 1200 Series 1400 Series
    Timber Stock Length (mm)
    1450 1630
    Stock Dimension (mm)
    50 x 40
    50 x 40 50 x 40
    Spear Length (mm)
    1600 1800
    Overall Length (mm)
    1800 2000 
    Postage,Warranty and Storage
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