Warranty is voided if the speargun has been tampered/altered or modified in any way or form from its original specifications when purchased. Spearguns require considerable care when storing to ensure a long life with minimal defects. The very well seasoned and selected timber is a natural material that will change shape or deteriorate if not stored and treated with respect, please see storage details. Please note there is no exchange for change of mind after sale.

The timber stock is covered by a 12 month warranty from the time of order for warpage or that renders the speargun unsafe. This will be determined by the manufacturer.

The trigger mechanism (consists of trigger mechanism, safety bar and line release) is covered for 12 months from the time of order for any integrity faults deemed a manufacturer or material fault from normal wear and tear or use.

All other components do not carry a warranty.

Warranties are non transferrable.

Before posting back, please contact sales@youngbloods.co and provide photos.

Customers are responsible for the cost and packing to send back the speargun, if deemed warrantable all shipping costs will be refunded.

Storage guidelines

  • Wash the speargun in freshwater after each use, allow it to dry before storing.
  • Do not leave the speargun in parked vehicles where the temperature can increase to extremes.
  • Store upright resting on the timber barrel.
  • Store away from direct sunlight and heat sources.
  • Do not store anything on the top of the speargun.
  • Operate (with speargun unloaded) the trigger and safety units every three months when not using.
  • Keep a distance from open fires and chemicals.


Your new Jacko speargun will come via standard road transport with tracking and a signature required on delivery. Some destinations in Australia postage could take up to 21 working days.