YBS SUITS - Blue Bone

$299.00 AUD $559.95 AUD

Colours: Also available in Moss Green.

 SALE, NO RETURN ON SALE ITEMS (except if faulty)

Please use the Wetsuit Measuring Chart and measure carefully. Once the tags are removed we cannot refund.

** Please Note: Suit comes in two pieces and is sold as one item. (top and bottom)

2 years ago, Brodie Moss and the team set out on a mission to create the perfect diving wetsuit  (in their eyes anyway!)

After years of trial and error, hours spent testing in and out of the water, different neoprene materials trailed, styles, colourations and patterns, the team have finally created a wetsuit that ticks all the boxes.

Drawing inspiration from oceans masters of camouflage such as the Wobbegong Shark and mixing it with the best cryptic stealth patterns available - to create the ultimate wetsuit offering reliability, comfort and style. 

Utilising new Jako Neoprene technology to create a tougher yet more flexible suit, keeping warmth and comfort but not sacrificing wear and tear.

The two piece suit with trousers and top is comfortable and allows you to go with convenience!!  Especially while spending all day suited up. Winning.

Extra padding and grip on the loading pad ensure a safe and easy place to load your gun. No added padding to the knees to increase flexibility while grip was added for a slight extra protection, as keeping this suit comfortable and flexible was a high focus for us.


3.0mm Performance Neoprene Open Cell (Jako MSL) Digitally printed camouflage on Ultra-Stretch Poly Lycra Laminate. All seams are glued and double blind stitched. Heat tape dots to reinforce the intersection of seams.

Hooded jacket

7mm chest loading pad glued and blind stitched on exterior of suit. Preformed arms for ultimate fit/comfort.  Protective screen patterns on chest-pad and elbows. Lycra lined beavertail. Double closure clips on beavertail.


Protective screen pattern on knees Preformed legs for ultimate fit/comfort.



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